If you’re interested in coaching, let’s see what we might be able to make happen through working together!

Have you stepped into a new role and need to find your balance?  Challenged by a new "space" and wanting to figure out not just how to live there but thrive? 

Maybe you're missing a sense of your own self, having given up a huge amount to others. You may be in a transition moment, struggling with saying “goodbye” to where you've been and in the “neutral zone” - trapped between what was and what can be.

We get strength and grounding from our values and vision and when life or roles change, we can feel adrift and lose our way.   I'm at my best as a coach when working with people who are in transition and struggling with seizing that clear and meaningful way forward.  I'm excited to work with you and to help you shift from feeling disoriented, lost or confused to full of focused purpose, inspired and able to see what is and what's possible ahead.   I’d love to help you create a reconnection to your values, dreams and inspiration - to yourself.  

My clients emerge with a clear strategic pathway forward that is doable, vibrant and resonant!  

What I Can Offer as Your Coach:

  • A partnership approach where we are in it together so you are not struggling to “go it alone”

  • A supportive framework to regain your sense of self and strength during a time that might be sensitive or difficult

  • A process that is all about achieving your goals as the end result

  • A gentle ear combined with a challenging push to dig deeper and go farther so that you can achieve what you want

My son’s descent into alcoholism and drug addiction at 14, hospitalization for suicidal depression, and subsequent path through recovery remains a defining episode in my life.  Still emerging from that journey, my path to reconnect to myself and find the “way forward” in a new paradigm and with power and joy deeply informs my coaching. 

Here’s how we work together:

  • I am a coach, not a therapist. We do this together and you build your own capacity and mental “muscle” through this process.

  • Our toolbox is what we have in front of us: your strengths and skills. This makes everything that emerges grounded in reality and not “pie in the sky” dreaming that can’t be realized.

  • We are in a full collaborative partnership! We walk through this and create the relationship and experience together so that it meets your needs.

  • We are all about meeting the goals you set out. If we aren’t meeting your goals, then we’re not being successful!

Let me work with your or your organization and staff.  Get in touch with me through the scheduler below to explore working together and whether we’re a “fit.” I’m looking forward to making the connection! 

Want to make that amazing workshop idea come to spectacular life with a brilliant design?  And to step into your power as a facilitator and trainer?  Book some sessions with me and let's make it happen!

Coaching can take place via phone, Skype or at in-person at my locations in New York City in Manhattan and Brooklyn


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